The Heart Foundation online shop has a range of merchandise you or your group members may be interested in - t-shirts, wet weather jackets, fleecy hoodies and so much more! Visit the shop today!

Would your group like its own t-shirts? 

Simply choose the style of shirt you want, complete the attached form and email your form to our supplier – Cat will come back to you with a proof and quote for sign off, before printing your shirts. For more information, refer to the Frequently Asked Questions below.

HF Order Form – Polyester Tee

HF Order Form – Polyester Tee – White

HF Order Form – Polyester Polo

HF Order Form – Cotton Tee

HF Order Form – Contrast Polo

HF Order Form – Cotton Tee – White


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How will I know if the style or type of shirt I choose is available in my size and if my ‘normal’ size will fit me? 

A. The order form for each style, or type of shirt, clearly provides a size chart along with specific chest (half chest) and shoulder to hem measurements.  This size chart and these measurements should be referred to in order to determine your required size for ordering.

Q. Are you able to supply us with tee and polo shirt samples to try on, so that we can better determine our required size/s? 
A. Tee and polo shirt samples for walkers to try on will only be supplied by Topline if they are purchased.  The purchase price would include the cost of each shirt, plus freight charges. Should you wish to purchase samples please contact Topline and they will advise total cost of such service.

NB: These tee and polo shirt samples would not be accepted as returns by Topline or the Heart Foundation.

Q. When measuring myself should I measure the full circumference of my chest?
A.  No, all measurements shown are for half chest.  You must measure from mid-underarm to mid-underarm, across the front of the chest (so from side to side).

Q. If I order a cotton tee in my size (size 14) and it is a good fit, can I assume that a polyester tee in my size (size 14) will also be a good fit? 
A. Styles, or types of shirt are often produced by different manufacturers and use differing fabrics. This means you should always refer to the measurements on the size chart for each style or type of shirt you are ordering, to ensure you order the size that best fits.

Q. If I receive my order and any of the tees or polo shirts are not a correct fit may I return them and exchange for another size? 
A. Custom produced tees or polo shirts cannot be returned for an alternate size, as they are produced to order and will have a Walking Group name (and possibly organisation logo) on them.  If any custom ordered tees or polos do not fit a walker, then the Host Organisation or Walk Organiser would need to retain these shirts and on-sell to new walkers (as and when these walkers wish to purchase a shirt featuring their group name).

NB: These custom tee and polo shirts would not be accepted as returns by Topline or the Heart Foundation.

Q. Can I order other styles of tees or polo shirts e.g. V-neck tee? 
A. Only those styles of tee represented on the order forms are available for customised production.

Q. Does ‘SP’ length shown on the size chart mean Shoulder to Point?
A. No, ‘SP’ means shoulder point to hem, refer body length as shown here.

Q. If I add a company logo to the sleeve is this an additional cost to the per unit price quoted on the order form?
A. Yes, please refer to the statement and check boxes at the top of the order form, which clearly indicates that there is an additional cost per shirt for the addition of a logo, plus set-up charge (refer here).

Q. Why do the delivery costs increase if I order in higher quantities?
A.  Delivery costs are calculated on cubic weight and measurement.  The more shirts you order the more the weight of your order increases, along with an increase in the size of the parcel/carton in which the order is packed, hence the delivery cost increases.

Q. How will I determine the cost of each tee or polo shirt with the inclusion of the delivery cost per person, so walkers can pay in advance?
A. You will need to review the delivery cost schedule and based on the number of shirts being ordered divide the delivery cost by the number of shirts.

Eg. if 5 x cotton tees are being ordered the delivery cost is $15/5 = $3.00pp

Q. If I placed orders for different styles of polo or tee at the same time does the delivery cost per quantity apply for each type of Polo or tee shirt I am ordering, or the total number of shirts I order? E.g. If I order 20 Red polos at $27 each & 30 Contrast polos at $34 each, could I add these together for a total of 50 shirts and assume a delivery cost of $40.00?
A. Yes, the delivery cost is applicable for the total order qty/s received by Topline on the same day for any one specific Walking Group.

Q. How do I calculate GST? Is 10% added to the total inclusive of delivery cost or excluding delivery cost?
A. GST is to be added to the total order value inclusive of freight.

Eg. 5 x tees @ $25.00ea = $125.00

Delivery cost for 5 x tees = $15.00

Order total excl GST = $140.00

GST @ 10% = $14.00

Order Total incl GST = $154.00

Q. If my order is for more than 20 cotton tees, but less than 50 cotton tees do I still pay $23.00ea or would the tee shirt price fall somewhere between the $23.00 (20 cotton tees) and $20.00 (50 cotton tees)?
A. If your order quantity falls between two quantity break points then the lower quantity per unit price applies. From the example above, if your order was for 32 tees you would pay $23.00 per tee.

Q. How long will it take for my order to arrive?
A. Your order will be processed within 3 weeks from artwork approval.

Q. How do I send my logo to Topline? i.e. what format does it need to be in?
A. Your logo (if required on the shirts) should be emailed to and supplied in either jpg or png format.

Q. Can payment only be made with credit card? 
A. No, payment may be made by credit card or by EFT remittance.  If you wish to pay by EFT please contact Topline who will provide their bank account details for payment.

Q. Does it matter what credit card I use?
A. Topline accepts Mastercard and Visa only.

Q. When I have filled out my order form where do I send it? 
A. All completed order forms should be emailed to

Q. Are my Heart Foundation Walking milestone discount vouchers redeemable on custom produced tee or polo shirt orders placed with Topline?
A. No, Heart Foundation Walking milestone discount vouchers are not redeemable on orders placed with Topline.  These milestone vouchers may only be redeemed on merchandise supplied by the Heart Foundation.

Q. Do orders placed with Topline over the value of $80 qualify for free delivery?
A. No, orders placed with Topline over the value of $80 do not qualify for free delivery.