About Us

Every day we step closer to our goal

Here at Heart Foundation Walking we work every day to achieve our  goal – an Australia free of heart disease. 

We do this by building and supporting a community of walkers.

Our program is Australia’s largest free walking network, and offers Australians multiple ways to walk with us. 

How did we get here?

For over twenty years, the Heart Foundation Walking program has helped over 100,000 Australians start walking and stay walking. We started life in Queensland as the Just Walk It program, and can now have walking groups across the nation. 

Traditionally we have been all about walking groups and our ‘red army’ keeps on trooping to this day. In 2017 we received a boost in government funding, which helped us build a new app to support solo walkers. We delivered the Prime Minister’s One million steps and have continued to run step challenges to encourage people to step it up.

We want more Australians to walk more often, as it’s one of the best things we can do to protect our hearts. 

Our community partners

We work in partnership with Host Organisations and Local Coordinators to set up walking groups in their communities led by volunteer Walk Organisers. We provide ongoing assistance, training, support and resources.

Host Organisations, Local Coordinators, and Walk Organisers are our 'walking champions'. They help us reach Australians at the grass roots community level and get us walking towards a healthier and happier future.

Learn more about each of the roles within the Heart Foundation Walking network below.

Volunteer Walk Organisers

Volunteer Walk Organisers begin and maintain community-based walking groups with the assistance of their Local Coordinator. They are provided resources, training and support and receive complimentary Heart Foundation merchandise for their role.

Walk Organisers are registered Heart Foundation volunteers and are provided with insurance coverage under the Heart Foundation Volunteer Policy.

Become a volunteer Walk Organiser 

Host Organisations

The Heart Foundation works in partnership with Host Organisations to set up walking groups in their community or workplace – we work with health and community centres, councils, shopping centres, chemists and organisations that have an interest in getting their community active. Host Organisations nominate an employee to be a Local Coordinator to work with Heart Foundation Walking and local walking groups.   

Become a Local Coordinator and set your organisation up as a Host Organisation 

Find a Host Organisation or Local Coordinator

Individual walkers

Walkers can join a group and/or be part of a virtual walking community that track their activity online, participate in events and online challenges.

Become an individual walker

All Walkers are provided with a free regular e-newsletter, opportunity to participate in the Walker Recognition Scheme and many walking events across the country.

Join Heart Foundation Walking and walk yourself happy.

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