Social Media Resources

Social media can be an easy and effective way to promote your Heart Foundation Walking group. We’ve compiled a selection of images showcasing a few of the great reasons to join a walking group.

Simply click on an image below, save the image and post it to your social media network, Facebook groups or Whatsapp groups. Feel free to include some of the suggested messages below and share what makes your group special.


Image 1: Take the first step

Image 2: Come and try (feet)

Image 3: Come and try (shoe graphic)

Image 4: Discover new places

Image 5: Walk. Talk. Coffee. Repeat.

Image 6: Feel happier and healthier (feet)

Image 7: Feel happier and healthier (heart graphic)


  • Heart Foundation Walking is Australia’s largest FREE walking program​.
  • Since 1995, Heart Foundation Walking has helped thousands of people all over Australia to start walking and stay walking.​
  • Heart Foundation Walking groups are a social, fun and easy way to get more physically active.
  • Walking will help you:
    - unwind and disconnect
    - discover new places
    - connect with friends
    - improve your daily mood
    - reduce your risk of heart disease, stroke and some cancers
  • Walking in a group helps you:
    - stay motivated
    - make new friends
    - build connections within your community
    - feel safety in numbers

Tip: Share the content with your current walkers, so they can encourage their friends and family to join!

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