Get Involved

Start and lead a walking group 

If you’d like to start your own walking group, we’re here to help you. We call our group leaders ‘Walk Organisers’ and these volunteers are the heart of our program. 

As a Walk Organiser, we’ll provide you with training and access to your online profile where you can manage your group. You’ll get a thank you gift for signing up, ongoing communications from us and invites to events and workshops. 

Become a Volunteer Walk Organiser and lead a Heart Foundation Walking group in your community.

Host and support Heart Foundation Walking 

Heart Foundation Walking partners with organisations, known as Host Organisations, across Australia to help implement the program at a local level. We work with organisations such as councils, GPs, hospitals, chemists, aged care facilities, cafes to start and support walking groups.

Heart Foundation Walking Host Organisations are the lifeblood of Heart Foundation Walking. They nominate a staff member who helps Heart Foundation Walking by serving as a Local Coordinator, a key contact point for anyone in their community or organisation who wants to start a Heart Foundation Walking group.

As a Local Coordinator, you’ll receive training, tools to promote walking and access to your online profile with information on your walking groups and their activity.  

Provide your local community with the chance to be more physically active - find out more about becoming a Host Organisation and/or Local Coordinator.

Recommend Heart Foundation Walking to your patients

Heart Foundation Walking is a free program that health professionals can recommend to their patients to encourage them to be more physically active. Please find more information here and contact us at for any further resources and information.

Tell your family and friends

Give to our program by talking ... tell friends and family about Heart Foundation Walking.

Join our Facebook group so you can share our information and posts with friends or share this link about the benefits of walking. 

Share your walking story

Are you a keen walker or part of a Heart Foundation Walking group?

Share your walking story with us! We can then share your story on our social media or other online channels to inspire others to get walking.


Donate to support Heart Foundation and our work to support healthy lifestyles, and fight against Australia's biggest killer - heart disease.