Golden Shoe Awards - APPLICATIONS ARE OPEN! 

Heart Foundation Walking runs the Golden Shoe Awards annually to recognise the changes individuals are making towards a healthy lifestyle through walking. The winner in each category will win a Golden Shoe pin and a $250 gift card!  Nominate an individual for a Heart Foundation Walking Golden Shoe Award in one of four categories:  

  • Wellness warrior – walking is key to their healthy lifestyle  

  • Leadership – they help others to start walking and stay walking   

  • Courage and commitment – they have overcome the odds to keep walking   

  • Zero to hero – someone who has recently started walking and stuck to it   


Applications close midnight 30 June 2021.

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Bring a Bloke to win a Bunnings voucher!

Men’s Health Week is taking place from 14 - 20 June 2021 and is an important time to highlight men’s health and what it means to be healthy.

During the month of June, any male who signs up for a Personal Walking Plan or joins a walking group will go in the draw to win one of six $100 Bunnings vouchers. So bring a bloke on your next walk to get behind this worthy cause.

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Social Media Photo Competition 2021

Every month we'll be choosing a theme and encouraging you to post the best photo from your walks that fits the theme. The winner will receive a prize as advertisied in the Facebook post.  Check out this month's theme on our Facebook group.  To enter post your photo in the comments, and remember you're only allowed one entry. We'll also need some help choosing the winner so "like" your favourites.
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Golden Shoe Awards 2020

The Golden Shoe Awards launched 8 June 2020, with nominations open in the following categories: Wellness warrior (walking is key to their healthy lifestyle), Leadership (they help others to start walking and stay walking) and Courage and commitment (they have overcome the odds to keep walking). There were 27 nominations and four fantastic winners. The winners were celebrated in a media release, social media posts and Heart Foundation Walking eDMs

Winners of the 2020 Golden Shoe Awards are: 

Category: Leadership
Winner: Nikki Baluk of Waikiki, WA

Nikki suffered a transient ischaemic attack (TIA), sometimes called a mini-stroke, in May 2016 when she was 28 weeks’ pregnant. Thankfully, Nikki recovered. However, knowing that a TIA can be a warning sign of a future stroke, Nikki was keen to stay fit and healthy after the birth of her daughter, Eden. When she returned to her position as clinic manager at Harbour Family Chiropractic in Port Kennedy, Nikki was fortunate to be able to start up a community walking club, with the support of the Heart Foundation and her employer. This group now has over 30 members and is still growing. “Our membership ranges from new mums to people in their 70s, some of whom have experienced heart conditions themselves,” said Nikki, 42. “The group not only helps us all keep moving, it is an amazing social support. I can’t image my life without it.”

Category: Wellness Warrior
Winner: Judy McGurk of Fisher, ACT

Judy might just be the busiest 80-year-old in Canberra. She is Walk Organiser for not one but three Heart Foundation Walking groups at her retirement village, Araluen. Since joining Heart Foundation Walking 12 years ago, Judy has completed almost 700 Heart Foundation walks. Fellow walker Barbara Gillies nominated Judy for a Golden Shoe Award, writing: “Judy is fit, healthy and active thanks to walking everywhere and catching a bus to more distant locations. I must admit, I thought she may have been ten years younger. Never having driven anywhere has been Judy’s key to a very healthy lifestyle.”    Judy said walking is terrific for her members’ physical and mental wellbeing, while also providing a social outlet. “It is an honour to win this award for doing something I love. I think it’s wonderful.”

Category: Courage and Commitment
Winner: Jean Seary of Nowra, NSW

Jean, 82, joined the Nowra Walkie Talkies in November 2009 when she learned she was at risk of developing type 2 diabetes. After changing her diet and walking regularly, Jean’s blood sugar readings returned to normal. Recently, Jean stepped up her walking when her doctor diagnosed a “fatty liver”. She now walks around seven kilometres a day and has lost an extra 10 kilos. She also attends an exercise class and encourages others to join Heart Foundation Walking. Jean was nominated for a Golden Shoe Award by the Walkie Talkies’ Walk Organiser, Mollie Robinson. “Jean is an excellent example of how regular walking contributes to good health,” Mollie said. “She has a great commitment to her health and diligently works to maintain it.”

Category: Leadership
Winner: Leoni Warren of Tweed Heads South, NSW

Leoni, 66, has been one of the Walk Organisers of the Banora Walkers Heart Foundation Walking group since it started in April 2011. Over the years, Leoni has helped to plan dozens of walks for the group’s 45 members. “I enjoy researching new places to explore on our walks and setting out on an adventure. We have discovered some interesting walking tracks and waterways,” Leoni said.  Leoni also enjoys watching her members’ health and fitness improve through regular walking. “We have had people join us after a heart attack or to help with their mobility. It is very rewarding to see their confidence and ability grow week by week.”  The Tweed Shire is a popular retirement destination, but some find themselves lonely after moving there. “They leave behind friends they made through work or their kids’ school and have to start all over again,” Leoni said. “Heart Foundation Walking is a great platform for making new friends.”

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