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Our free regular newsletter includes an update of the program, information about being active and keeping your heart healthy, recipes and news from our groups all around Australia. Send us your stories about birthdays, events, milestone achievements or other special activities to be included in the next newsletter.  Remember to include a good quality photo in .jpeg format and email the story to  We do receive a large volume of content, so sometimes we cannot include it all in our newsletters, in this case we also share your stories on our Facebook account and Instagram page.

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 Contributors guidelines

Would you like to share your story?

The newsletter is one of our main ways of sharing information with each other – our successes, achievements, upcoming events and new information that will help you make the most of participating in HFW.

This year each newsletter edition will have a theme (see Pg 6 for more details). As well as regular content, there will also be specific articles focused on the theme and we encourage you to send us stories or photos that relate to the topic as well.

Don’t be disheartened if your contributions or photos are not picked up. We have limited space in the newsletter and so can’ always publish everything we receive. However, your work will not be in vain. Rest assured we will use them. Your contributions may be featured in other HFW communications such as: on the HFW website, in our social media posts, when we give presentations and even in other Heart Foundation publications.

Here are a few guidelines to help you develop your newsletter submissions.

S/T snapshots
Should be:
• include a caption 25 words max
• highlight a State or Territory walking group, individual, workplace or Host Organisation
• highlight a State or Territory walking initiative, event, achievement etc
• include a high-resolution photo (Jpeg format only please)
• no more than 3 months old – so we are not sharing old news!!)

Feature articles

Should be:

  • between 150 – 250 words max
  • should be relevant to the theme of the edition concerned
  • please ensure any facts and statistics are all current and referenced

If you would like help with your article, please provide a rough draft with the basic content/message you would like communicated. The HFW team will help you to complete it.

Photos / Logos
ALL photos and logos MUST be sent

  • as a high-resolution jpeg file of at least 300dpi at 120mmx120mm or larger, with a maximum file size of 5MB
  • Logos need to be approved by the relevant organisation / owner prior to use in HFW newsletter.  Please indicate that you have approval in your email.

Submitting your article
Step 1: Email your story as a Word attachment to
Step 2: Include photos and logos as high resolution jpeg files (include any permission you have to use logos)
Step 3: Include your full name and contact details (preferably a telephone number so we can contact you if needed)

By submitting your material you agree that we may publish, reproduce, modify and edit your material for the purpose of publication (in hard copy, on our website or in any other medium).

 Newsletter key dates and themes 2017

Edition Theme Articles open Articles close
Edition 2 Men’s health and Hypertension 6th March 2017 3 April March
Edition 3 Mental wellbeing and social connection 5th June 2017 30 June 2017
Edition 4 Shoes, feet and all things walking 4th Sept 2017 29 Sept 2017
Edition 1 2018 TBC 4th Dec 2017 8 Jan 2018