Walking groups

How do I register for a Heart Foundation Walking group?

The easiest way to register for a Heart Foundation Walking group is to use our Walk Finder. You can search by area. When you have found the Heart Foundation Walking group that suits you best, click the Register button and complete the registration form. You can contact the Walk Organiser of your chosen group with any questions regarding the group.

I have forgotten my website password.

You can recover your passowrd by using the 'Lost password' link on the login screen.

How can I change my contact details?

You can change your contact details at any time by logging in to your Heart Foundation Walking profile or contact us.

How do I use my Heart Foundation Walking online profile?

As a Heart Foundation Walking participant you have access to a Heart Foundation Walking online profile. This allows you to track your walks, change your preferences, amongst many other things. We have Website User Guides which give step by step instructions for using your online profile. Access these from the links below. 

Website User Guide for Walkers

Website User Guide for Walk Organisers

Website User Guide for Local Coordinators 

Can I login on the Heart Foundation Walking website using my Heart Foundation Walking App login details? 

No, unless you have registered for the App and website using the same email and password. The two platforms are seperate, meaning you must register for both. 

Why does the registration form request my personal information?

The information requested on the registration form is essential to allow us to administer and evaluate the program. If you have any concerns about providing any particular information, please call the Heart Foundation, 13 11 12.

Will I be asked to pay or make donations to the Heart Foundation?

This is a free program for walkers, volunteer Walk Organisers and Local Coordinators to join. Donations are welcome and will help us continue our lifesaving research and health education work, however there is no obligation to donate or participate in fundraising. Information about Heart Foundation fundraising will be included occasionally in the newsletter. If you would like to make a donation, or volunteer to help the Heart Foundation, please telephone 13 11 12 for more information. Your support will make a difference.

Is any research being conducted through Heart Foundation Walking?

We are committed to thoroughly evaluating Heart Foundation Walking. Mail, email, telephone or face-to-face surveys may be conducted from time to time. Participation in research is not compulsory and you have the right to refuse to take part, or withdraw at any point, without penalty. However, we value your views and input and recognise that good evaluation can assist us to deliver a better program.

The Heart Foundation Walking Team is my Local Coordinator, what should I expect?

The Heart Foundation Walking Team can be a Local Coordinator for walking groups in the absence of a Host Organisation. We are working with organisations all over Australia to increase the support network for walking groups, however, until those are up and running we can help your walking group get started! 

Though we don’t have the resources to print posters and record group attendance online, we’re available for guidance and can respond to any questions you might have. Our website is full of helpful information (including promotional resources) and we’re always here if you need to contact us.

As a Walk Organiser you can access all our online resources through Tips and Tools once you have completed your training. If you would like to promote your walking group locally you could reach out to your local council, community centre or other local organisation. These organisations may also assist with printing posters. These organisations may also like to support your group ongoing.  Let us know if you need more information about this.

How do I unjoin a Heart Foundation Walking group?

You can leave Heart Foundation Walking at any time by logging in to your Heart Foundation Waking profile and using the exit button, or contact us 

You can always join again, to do this contact us to reactivate your profile.


Relaunching HFW after COVID-19

When will Heart Foundation Walking groups start up again?

As COVID-19 restrictions continue to ease across the country, Heart Foundation Walking has decided that walking groups can recommence from Saturday 20 June 2020, provided that your walking group meets the following criteria:  

While some restrictions are easing, it’s important for everybody, including walkers to keep playing their part to stop the spread of COVID-19. 

Remember, everyone participating in a Heart Foundation walk must:  

  • continue social distancing (keeping 1.5m distance from others) 

  • stay home if unwell (e.g. fever, cough, runny nose, sore throat etc.)

  • seek testing for any COVID-19 symptoms and report a positive test result to the HFW team as soon as possible 

  • practice good hand hygiene and cover coughs and sneezes.

The Heart Foundation encourages walkers to:

  • Ensure they are a registered walker

  • download the COVIDSAFE app and use it at all times;

  • get the annual flu (influenza) vaccination; and

  • talk to their doctor about whether rejoining the walks at this stage, and is appropriate for them, particularly if participants are vulnerable. This includes older walkers, and those with chronic health conditions.

COVID Safety Plans

Everyone participating in a Heart Foundation walk must:   

  • continue social distancing (keeping 1.5m distance from others). 

  • stay home if unwell (e.g. fever, cough, runny nose, sore throat etc). 

  • seek testing for any COVID-19 symptoms and report a positive test result to the HFW team as soon as possible.  

  • practice good hand hygiene and cover coughs and sneezes. 

  • have their own water bottles, towels and personal items which will not be shared. 

The Heart Foundation also encourages walkers to:  

  • download the COVIDSAFE app and use it at all times. 

  • get the annual flu (influenza) vaccination.  

  • bring own hand sanitiser to each walk and use pre, during and post the walk. 

  • talk to their doctor about whether rejoining the walks at this stage is appropriate for      them, particularly if participants are vulnerable. This includes older walkers, and those with chronic health conditions. 

Walk Organisers must: 

  • take an attendance log at each walk (for safety and contact tracing purposes). 

  • ensure all walkers are registered participants of the program. 

  • limit number of participants per group if necessary, to adhere to restrictions – please check on any capacity restrictions in your own state or territory. 

Please note, if you conduct your walks in a shopping centre i.e. indoors, you must follow the Heart Foundation COVID Safety Plan as described, as well as any direction received from the shopping centre, as they must ensure the implementation of any relevant legislation over and above what we may be required to do.


I'm a Walk Organiser and don't feel comfortable starting up my walking group just yet.

As a volunteer Walk Organiser, if you don’t feel comfortable to support the return of your walking group at this stage, you may wish to consider finding an alternative Walk Organiser or to continue to keep the group on pause for now.

I’m a Local Coordinator and don’t feel comfortable starting up my walking group(s) just yet.

As a Local Coordinator, it is your choice to recommence your walking group(s) and whatever decision you take will have the full support of the Heart Foundation.

Do I need to notify my walkers or will the Heart Foundation?

If you have contact details for your walkers, feel free to get in touch and let them know. The Heart Foundation will send out an email to all Heart Foundation Walking participants with an email address and post an update on our Facebook group.

Restrictions have eased in my state and people can meet in groups of 10 outdoors. Why can’t our Heart Foundation Walking group walk now?

If restrictions in your state/territory allow, of course you can meet up and walk with others. Please note though that the Heart Foundation Walking program remains on pause until 20 June, therefore your group walks won’t be recorded or counted towards the Walker Recognition Scheme, nor will the Walk Organiser be covered by our insurance.

The 20th of June has been selected to give the Heart Foundation plenty of time to communicate the relaunch details with all stakeholders.

I have seen a Heart Foundation Walking group walking together prior to the relaunch and/or not adhering to social distancing.

As individuals, they can make the choice to walk together if state/territory restrictions allow. However, they are doing so by their own accord and outside of Heart Foundation Walking.

What happens if someone if our walking group tests positive to COVID-19?

We encourage walkers to seek testing for any COVID-19 symptoms and report a positive test result to the HFW team as soon as possible. Call 13 11 12 or email walking@heartfoundation.org.au to complete an Incident Report Form.

My Walking Group walks indoors, what other considerations are there?

For Walkers walking indoors, (such as shopping centers) added hygiene precautions should be followed and ensure social distancing is practiced at all times. Please refer to specific information for your state/territory regarding indoor / outdoor gatherings - https://www.health.gov.au/news/health-alerts/novel-coronavirus-2019-ncov-health-alert/easing-of-coronavirus-covid-19-restrictions/easing-of-coronavirus-covid-19-restrictions

I am a Walk Organiser with a Walking Group that has more than 20 Walkers, what do I do?

During stage 2 of restrictions being ease, a maximum of 20 people are allowed to meet and participate in outdoor activities. Therefore, this will need to be adhered by. A solution to this would be to split up into separate groups and stager the start of each group. For example, should 24 walkers turn up to a walk, split into 2 groups and one group begins their walk 5-10 minutes before the second. If you chose to do this, both groups must be led by a registered Walk Organiser. If there is only one Walk Organiser in the group, another person will need to register and do their training. Contact walking@heartfoundation.org.au for more information on how to become a Walk Organiser.

Mobile App 

Unfortunately, due to technical issues and ongoing changes to both Android and Apple iOS, Heart Foundation Walking has decided to remove the walking app from both Google Play and the Apple App Store on Monday 29 June.



Where can I find the Terms and Conditions?

Walker Terms and Conditions.

Where can I find out more about walking and warming up and cooling down?

Our handbooks are full of practical information about walking and the Heart Foundation Walking network. You can download our Walker Handbook or the Walk Organiser Handbook, and access it from your online profile (login at the top of this page) . Walk Organisers and Local Coordinators will also recieve copies via post.  

Where can I find the Heart Foundation Online Shop? 

Visit the Heart Foundation Online Shop. You can use your Walker Recognition Scheme vouchers at the shop. 


Does the Heart Foundation offer public liability insurance for walkers?

Walkers are not covered by public liability insurance. By registering as a Walker, walkers agree to enter Heart Foundation Walking at their own risk and not to hold the Heart Foundation, government and other agencies or the Local Coordinator’s organisation responsible for any loss, damage, expense or personal injury sustained from participation. Each Walker also agrees that they are aware of and understand the additional risks that dogs may cause, they voluntarily accept those risks and acknowledge that the Heart Foundation is excluding all liability for injuries or damage caused as a result of including dogs in Heart Foundation Walking.


Heart Foundation walking communications

How do I unsubscribe from Heart Foundation Walking communications?

To unsubscribe from communications you can click the link at the base of Heart Foundation Walking emails, or contact the Heart Foundation Helpline 13 11 12.

Want to know more about newsletter submissions?

Refer to the newsletter page for contributor's guidelines.

Any other questions

Please ask your Walk Organiser, Local Coordinator or telephone the Heart Foundation on 13 11 12. For questions about your own health, please consult your health professional.