Why Join Heart Foundation Walking

Check out our Walker Handbook Seventh Edition for more information on being a walker with Heart Foundation Walking!

Why join Heart Foundation Walking?

Heart Foundation Walking is Australia’s largest FREE walking network. It is a social, fun and easy way for people to walk and be active.

With more than one in four Australian adults (5.76 million people) doing very little or no exercise at all, Heart Foundation Walking is a great way to help people increase their physical activity.

Over the past 21 years more than 80,000 Australians have participated in Heart Foundation Walking by walking in a group and/or being a Virtual Walker.

Benefits of Heart Foundation Walking

  • Increases your enjoyment. Many walkers tell us the social contact is what keeps them coming back year after year. Most groups also organise an occasional special walk or other social events to make being active even more fun.
  • Helps you stay motivated. It’s easy to say, I’ll give my walk a miss today. However, knowing there is a group of people waiting for you can provide that extra motivation needed to get out the door.
  • Keeps you committed. Many people find their enthusiasm for being active wanes after only a few months, especially if they experience an injury or illness. By being part of a group, you are more likely to make a commitment to walking regularly.
  • Is a safe way to exercise. Walking in a group makes you more visible to motorists and cyclists, and ensures help is at hand should you have an accident or become ill while walking.

More great reasons to join

As well as the health and social benefits, Heart Foundation Walking participants can look forward to:

Our regular Heart Foundation Walking newsletter.
This includes updates on the program, information about physical activity and heart health, healthy recipes and news from groups all around Australia. The newsletter is distributed through our Walk Organisers, so if your group has a special occasion or event, please feel free to send us a short article and photo.

Ongoing rewards for participation.

To encourage you and your group members to walk regularly, Heart Foundation Walking includes a Walker Recognition Scheme. At certain walking milestones, we will reward you with certificates, incentives and discounts on Heart Foundation merchandise – why not celebrate your success with a certificate presentation and a healthy morning tea?