Hints and Tips for Safer Walking

Heart Foundation Walking happens all around Australia, with people walking in parks, neighbourhoods, workplaces, beaches and even in shopping centres!

Heart Foundation Walking Walker Safety

Wherever you are, it is important to keep safe. Consider walks that have appropriate lighting and suitable terrain for all fitness levels, access to drink fountains, and seating for people to rest. Pedestrian safety is of upmost importance and we remind everyone to take care, especially where the walk includes:

  • uneven pavement or surfaces
  • shared pathways for cyclists and walkers
  • surfaces that are slippery when wet
  • using road crossings or areas where it is necessary to walk on the road.

Another great resource is the Neighbourhood Walkability Checklist, designed to help you identify the aspects of your local environment that help or hinder your walk. The checklist covers walker friendliness, comfort, safety and convenience and connectedness.

Following these simple hints will keep you safer when you’re out and about. If you have any questions about local walking areas and safety, contact your Local Coordinator or Walk Organiser.

It’s also important to note that the Heart Foundation Walking terms and conditions are varied from time to time. We have recently adopted new terms and conditions – to request a paper copy, please contact the Heart Foundation Helpline on 1300 36 27 87.