Meet Our Walkers

We love hearing from our participants!

Here are just a few people sharing their experiences about how Heart Foundation Walking has benefited their physical, emotional and social wellbeing!

“I have definitely improved within myself in the last 12 months from physical exercise.  I have been suffering from moderate post natal depression and walking has definitely contributed to my recovery. Other physical health services such as gyms are too restrictive and do not cater for children with special needs and so are no good for my situation.  Heart Foundation Walking is an excellent program.”  (Walker, NSW)

“My fitness level has improved, spurred on by the support of fellow walkers – great social contact and have made many friends.” (Lucy, QLD)

“I suffer from osteoarthritis in both my knees but feel that the walking I do each morning with the group is definitely helping to keep me as mobile as I am.”  (Walker, SA)

“Because I suffer from depression, making the effort to go walking as well as spending time after having coffee and talking with others has help me a lot.”  (Jenny, QLD)

“There are so many positives when joining a walking group. Improvement in general health and having someone to walk with and to chat to while walking and I want to walk so I don’t let the group down and look forward to watching up with everyone the group is so friendly and welcoming.” (Lorraine, QLD)

“Joining our walking group was the best thing that happened to us.  We met each other and were married at the beginning of this year. We had known each other before but hadn’t seen one another for over 40 yrs. Good things do happen at walking groups.” (Gordon & Margaret, QLD)